TCF Capital, an investment company and family estate manager

Our mission is the management and long-term appreciation of our investment portfolio and the family assets in our care.

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About Us

TCF Capital is an investment and family property management company founded by entrepreneur Tomáš Čupr. Our key asset is the Rohlik Group valued at over 1bn USD. Our investment strategy focuses on projects which have the potential to make the best use of Tomáš's feel for the market, desire to innovate and fondness for disruptive strategies. The long-term goal of TCF Capital is to preserve, develop and grow not only the investment portfolio, but also the entrusted family property.

When looking for new investment opportunities, we focus on majority ownership in mature companies primarily in domestic and regional markets in areas such as FMCG, logistics, e-commerce, technology and healthy lifestyle.

„Successful entrepreneurship is, in my point of view, not measured just by financial profit, but above all by the sense of improving people’s lives through our services. I believe that those two aspects of business cannot work without each other in the long term. That’s why I consider it essential to always identify and deliver a great customer proposition. I consider drawing the path the right proposition and being able to improve upon it in the long term a key element of leadership. My way of achieving this is through new technologies, with a great team that rejects the status quo, is not afraid to take risks and learns quickly from mistakes. Having the right work values, such as the ability to make quick decisions and being able to propel myself, the team and the project forward, is also essential.

I have a similar attitude in my role as an investor. I like to support technologically advanced projects, managed by a team of people with the right mindset, where I see potential for customers. At the same time, I prefer projects that I feel can be successful more than just financially. That’s why I primarily focus on areas such as e-commerce, technology or FMCG. I want to support talented, ambitious people with a healthy dose of confidence who are ready to defy adverse circumstances. I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help more companies, not only in Central Europe, but also on the global market. I believe that I will be involved in more successful projects like Rohlik in the future.“

Tomáš Čupr

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Investment Portfolio

TCF Capital’s portfolio is closely connected to the business philosophy of Tomáš Čupr. Our key asset is Rohlik Group: a leading European player in the online grocery  business and the first Czech "unicorn" – a former startup company with a value exceeding one billion dollars. The group, headed by Tomáš, currently operates in five European countries and continues to develop.

TCF Capital also invests in other e-commerce and FMCG companies as well as technology startups. Real estate is also represented in the portfolio, balancing out the overall risk profile of investment into highly disruptive players. In addition to Rohlik Group, TCF Capital holds a position in companies such as Keboola or Impact Hub.

The total value of managed assets at the beginning of 2023 exceeds 720 million euro.

The Team

Picture of Tomáš Čupr.
Tomáš Čupr

Tomáš is the founder and the soul of the entire project. In his career, he was able to transform the market and customer habits with multiple projects, in Czechia and abroad. He founded the biggest Czech discount portal, Slevomat, and later created the local food delivery revolution with the Dáme jídlo project. Furthermore, he is the founder of online supermarket with door-to-door delivery, Rohlik. To commend his achievements, Tomáš was awarded the title of EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021.

Picture of Pavel Čmelík.
Peter Klekner

Peter leads the team and the entire company, develops strategies, and actively manages the investment portfolio. He is responsible for setting goals and achieving them. With his experience, he can assess business and investment opportunities and act on them. Peter joins TCF Capital's leadership team after more than 15 years of experience in various international companies and startups. Most recently, he served as the CEO of, a part of Rohlik Group in Hungary, where he significantly contributed to the company's growth and the fulfillment of the business group's ambitions.

Picture of Michal Kokoř.
Michal Kokoř  
Investment Manager

Michal specializes in the evaluation of new investment opportunities and the identification and mitigation of financial, accounting, and business risks in ongoing transactions. Additionally, he monitors the performance of assets within our current portfolio. Before joining TCF Capital, Michal was working as a manager in Deloitte's M&A transactions services department, helping both foreign and Czech PE and strategic investors with financial due diligence. Michal has experience in various industries, including FMCG, Technology, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Energy, Healthcare, and Banking. Michal holds the CFA charter from 2022 after successfully passing all three exams.

Picture of Dita Hrabalová.
Dita Hrabalová  
Finance Operations Director

Dita oversees Finance operations, including controlling, reporting activities, and tax. She began her career in Deloitte and KPMG, where she worked in the audit and deal advisory departments. Later, she served as the Head of Finance and Finance Business Partner in the start-up environment of the Luxury Brand Management group, where she was among other duties responsible for establishing and running the finance department and establishing financial management processes for all companies within the holding. Dita also worked as Finance Director in the leadership of the financial team of a major institution specializing in providing non-bank loans.

Picture of Linda Faye.
Linda Faye  
Operations Director

In her role as Operations Director, Linda manages newly established projects and private activities of the family office. She joined TCF Capital after completing a foreign diplomatic mission, during which she represented the Czech Republic and served as the financial director of the diplomatic mission. Linda has extensive experience in financial management, project management, and human resources, which she gained through collaboration with prominent companies in both the Czech and international markets including PPF Group.

Picture of Jana Konderlová.
Jana Konderlová 
Family office manager

Jana ensures smooth project and operational management at TCF Capital. She joined the team after 8 years of working in various positions in international communication and advertising agencies. Her main focus is project management in marketing communication and process management.


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